Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is one of the coolest places on Maggie. Unfortunately, it hasn't been on the blog much other than the pictures of Dad amongst the trees, and the calypso orchid in the entry Our Lives in Oregon, and the salamander in the first entry My Pictures. It's where the biggest trees [other than the big madrone] are. In the above picture Dad is standing in front of a tree that very likely is old growth. It is 13 feet 7 inches around. It has proven near impossible to find out how big a Douglas Fir has to be to be old growth, but if any of you has any information on the subject please leave a comment.
Here is a photo of the tree in context. The other trees are about 5 feet around

Me in front of an average size Cathedral tree which was 9 feet 2 inches around

Grampa Charlie's jeep-style car also known as the Maggiemobile [if your reading this Grampa thanks for letting us use your car it's come in handy] in front of The Cathedral
A new type of centipede which we saw in front of The Cathedral.
it's big Birtha!

So the biggest madrone in Oregon, probably an endangered species sighting, and a likely old growth tree, there are a lot of cool things on Maggie!

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