Monday, January 12, 2009

The Biggest Madrone Tree in Oregon?

Pacific madrone. This madrone tree, which is on our land, is bigger around than the largest registered pacific madrone tree in Oregon and is almost the size of the greatest madrone tree known to science. Grandpa Gene knew about it but didn't tell many people about it for some reason. Its dimensions are approximately 313.5" around the trunk below the fork and its branches extend as wide as 105 feet. We were unable to measure the height, but you can see it's pretty tall.
The big madrone
Hundreds of years old
Much history has unfolded
Since its birth

A dead madrone branch

A mushroom
Like a white pearl
In the green wood
Many fungi
Often ridiculed
Just for how they look
Without them
The forest would fail

A pretty little conifer
A dead deer
(That is really creepy.)
A grizzly bear
He looks like a dog
Could bears be domesticated?

I got an up close encounter with these brown bears at the Wildlife Safari homeschool class.

He was too small to keep
But he looked so delicious

Banana slug

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