Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Earthly Paradise

Maggie truly is an earthy paradise. The soil seems to grow plants better and quicker than most other soil even when fertilized.

A garden strawberry, which I ate!
A garden raspberry. Which I will eat when ripe.

Corn. Already knee high!

Some small spiders.

A cool looking bug. He was nearly two inches long.


For the last couple of weekends Dad and I have been going down to the Umpqua River (one of the best fishing rivers in the west), which flows next to Maggie, and fishing. And we have also seen some neat animals there.

Pacific tree frog

A dragonfly who recently emerged from his nymph form and was still unfurling his new wings.

The Lowest Tide in Ten Years

Thursday, June 5th was the lowest ocean tide in ten years. Technically we went to the ocean on Friday the 6th, but the tide was almost as low. With such a low tide places that have rarely been above water were and creatures who had never seen direct sunlight were visable to the naked eye. We tide pooled at Neptune State Park.
After we went to the beach we visited Sea Lion Caves (a tourist attraction). It is the largest natural sea cave in the world. Stellar Sea lions rest in it.

This cave was on the beach and is not sea lion cave, but it is a few miles away.

tide pool fish

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cool Critters

Juvinile opossum
An opossum
some think it's disgusting
I think it's adorable

Garter Snake

This is an adult male western fence lizard. He was very tame and much bigger than the last one we saw. He was missing an eye.

These guys are also known as blue-bellies. Can you guess why?