Friday, February 27, 2009

At The Pond...Again!

First of all I want to alert you all of something really crappy here is the link.
After you've read the article click here to see what brands are the best and worst.

It really stinks that toilet paper is made from old growth and eucalyptus, butt we can wipe this problem together. All puns asside, I think we should all start using recycled toilet paper and tell our friends about this too.

Do you remember a little less than one year ago the entry at the pond? Recently we went back to the same pond, and saw the critters below. We were a little too early in the season to see lots of frogs, but in a couple of weeks or so we'll go back there for the frog mating season. The picture below is of a young rough skinned newt who was about 3 inches long.
Taricha granulosa

A really cool millipede, one of the biggest we've seen.

Here is an adult newt, who was over 4 inches long and more bulky than the young newt.

sunset at the pond. Twice we have seen a Great blue Heron there(probably eating frogs).

This banana slug was in our driveway, and Mom and I moved him. Did you know the banana slug is the official mascot at UC Santa Cruz?

A colony of ants

Awhile ago we went to an area of Maggie colloquially called the Fairyland. There are 2 places on Maggie called fairylands. They're called that because there's something magical about them.

This fallen tree forms an arch that leads into the OtherworldMany fairies live in, under, and on top of this tree.

Dad took this picture.
Moss growing in the micro-cave underneath the waterfall.

weird water plants under the waterfall
This bathtub is sitting in the middle of the Fairy Land and no one knows why. It may have some piping going into the ground.
the reflection in the tub

A fungus that looks like a brain!

The Fairyland
Home of fairies
If you believe

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