Monday, June 15, 2009

Among Great Redwood Trees (part one)

The Old Growth Coastal Redwoods were huge. Whenever I put my hand on one it felt like a living breathing animal.

I hope these photographs at least capture a glimpse of their breathtaking and awe inspiring beauty.

We hiked through these smaller trees to get to the Williams Grove.

Moss on a tree
Commonly looked over
Beautiful in it's own way
It was really hard lifting up this log ;)
above (possibly) Oregon Grape
Young Redwoods
Grow up
To be giants
The Madrone above looked like a work of art.
This was the first big tree we saw.

(Centipedes and millipedes like this one are a sign of a healthy forest.)
We finaly arrived in the williams grove.
The size, beauty, and elegance of these ancient trees was inspiring.
A giant forest
Strong and healthy
Sadly, one of the last

Eel River was right next to Williams Grove flows through the heart of the park.

I fell about 7 feet trying to balance on the top of this log.

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