Friday, June 5, 2009

Creature Feature

This Western Fence Lizard was soakin' up the sun.
He was about 7-8 inches long
He was extremely tame and let us get within a few inches from him.

This Bearded Dragon was at the Wildlife Safari booth at an event in Roseburg.
He was about 10 inches long.

We found our cat Sweetie playing with this Green Bellied Racer(neither of them was hurt). I'd say she was one of the coolest critters we've found.

This Aquatic Garter snake was at the Douglas County Museum. He was about 1-2 inches thick. We might find one on Maggie.

He never actually ate the goldfish.

This African Ball-Python (also at the Wildlife Safari booth) was deffinately bigger than it's North American counterparts.

Also the creature was blind.

some type of chrysalis. I'm keeping it in a terrarium.

I have no clue what type of bug this is.

We were watching planet earth(an excellent British nature series). And our youngest cat Magic started watching and kept on watching for about 10 minutes!

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