Monday, April 6, 2009

Frogday afternoon

Dad took the above picture
One year ago we were camping on Maggie, as this was before we lived here. We went for a hike not headed anywhere in particular as we hardly knew our way around and we came to a pond. Knowing it was about frog season we looked around for a while, not seeing anything when suddenly mom saw a frog hop in to the pond. Then all of a sudden we saw dosens of them and I got some great pictures. That was the entry At The Pond. yesterday we came back!


wait a second why does the picture above look so familiar?that's why(Jabba the hutt from StarWars)
some mushrooms(just like the one in At The Pond)

a Pacific Tree Frog eggsack. Some of them either have hatched or are about to.

The same eggsack 2 weeks later. after either some eggs hatched then parasitic worms got in or the parasitic worms got in before any hatched. All the pictures below are from right around the house.salamander eggs

Pacific Tree Frog
An Ensatina Salamanderas of yet unidentified salamander

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