Monday, April 6, 2009

The Promontory of Wildflowers

Recently while we were hiking around in the backcountry on magg we found a huge rock-promontory oval shaped 50 to 100 feet long, probably made of more than one boulder, 30 to 40 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide sticking straight up from the side of the hill. we climbed up it and found a whole little ecosystem with more wildflowers in one little area than we had ever seen before plus we had never seen any of those flowers anywhere else on maggie! a week later I took my friend up there, and one more week later me and dad went back.

A beautiful black and white flower on the promontory

one side of the promontory
the otherthe first side again(I took this while scaling it!)

the picture above and the two below are of plants on the side of the promontory

A succulent growing of the moist face of the cliff.

I named these very tiny flowers(by very tiny I mean 5 16ths of an inch) "Happy Face flowers"Can you see why :)black and white and Happy face flowers
a field of black & whites

A black and white butterfly on a black and white flower. I wouldn't be surprised if the flower was especially adapted for places like the promontory and the butterfly was especially adapted to get all its nectar from the flower.

Banana Slug(or as I spell it B'nana Slug

There's a Whole little forest in the promontory ecosystem

me and my friend found a couple of these flowers(the picture above) the next week me and dad found tons of them.(the pictures below)

another promontory flower

an unbloomed promontory flower we plaan to return weekly to see any new flowers

from atop the promontory we could see the Umpqua,woodlands,fields,orchards,houses,and barns that make up the Kellogg friend on the edge of the promontory

We found this 25 inch wide 2 foot long cave on the side of the promontoryIt had some interesting plants in it(that we'd never seen before).
some other micro-caves about 2-3 times the size of a fist

we found the flowers below just below the promontory

These are trilliums

there are at least 2 other promontories near it that we plan to explore

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