Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Springtime Maggie

Spring has sprung on Maggie. The newts are mating and laying eggs. The frog tadpoles are starting to swim around in the ponds. And the reptiles are becoming more frequent.

Dad took the picture at left.

We found this newt in one of the ponds on Maggie. She appears to be pregnant. We also found some egg sacks (probably newt). The species may be Rough Skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa)

We netted this tadpole in the pond. He/she could be a Pacific tree frog on the way.

The spotted frog below, which we found this weekend, is probably a Pacific tree frog: Hyla regilla. However we have not seen one with black speckles before.
Here is a Pacific tree frog with no speckles.

We found another skink, but it may be the same one we found before

This millipede was nearly five inches long!!

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